Love and light


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  • Studio Photography
  • Location Photography
  • Advertising Photography
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  • Production


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We have shot more than hundred lighting installations created by this Czech design and glassmaking company. We have followed traces of LASVIT to five different continents and pushed our limits in photo shooting. With glass and light there are no compromises. We were taking pictures in luxury villas or yachts as well as in the middle of crowded airport or in the great lobbies.

Location Photography

LASVIT glass installations can be seen from Seoul to San Francisco and where they shine, we follow. We struggle with crowds on the airports, with angle in great hotel lobbies or even with dizziness when the lights hang throughout skyscrapers, but the results worth it. Good lighting is crucial and sometimes we wait for the sun which gives us only minutes to take the right picture.

New York, USA

Seoul, South Korea



Creative concept

To stand out in the design world is crucial but also harder and harder every year. How to create something that hasn’t been seen before? We thought outside the box and helped to create these pictures for award winning catalog filled with pop-culture references.

Studio photography

Great product picture is all about the detail and glass objects are the most difficult to shoot. Product has to be perfectly clean and perfectly lighted, and even then you face many hours of postproduction. Glass definitely taught us a lot.

Product photo
Struktura, technologie, lesk, barva, tvar…



Behind every picture in the catalog there are stories of creation. It took team of people and two months of relentless work to create LASVIT lighting catalog. We had four stages and moveable background so we can move from one stage to another and work almost non-stop.

Fotografování takto výjimečných produktů vyžaduje zcela vyjimečný přístup, postupy a techniku.

Hudson Yards, New York, USA

Lotte Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Morpheus Hotel, Macao

Intercontinental, Tianjin, China

Sofitel Santosa, Singapore

Four Seasons, Seoul, South Korea

432 park ave, New York, USA

Crystal Dragons, Saipan, USA

Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, Taiwan

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China


From pictures on the board of the airplane, over technical photo shootings to many, many location pictures taken all over the Sri Lanka. We have 20 projects with Srilankan airlines and count eighth year of our cooperation. We had to handle big productions, stressful time frames and even difficulties with photo technique due warm and humid weather.